Expedition 21: Personalized Learning Design Teams

The Expedition 21 Personalized Learning Cohort program is in its third year. Over the past three years we have had 183 teachers participate. Personalized Learning Design Teams are made up of Arlington Public School (APS) teachers who are motivated to learn and collaborate with other APS teachers to define what personalized learning looks like in Arlington Public Schools across content areas, grade levels and disciplines. The teachers that participate have strong content/subject knowledge, good communication skills, use technology to support instruction and demonstrate the characteristics of an innovative mindset (empathetic, problem finders, risk-takers, networked, observant, creators, resilient, reflective – http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/4783). Teachers apply to be part of the cohort and meet quarterly during the school year where they receive professional learning about personalized learning. Participants have the option to apply for a second year in which they receive more intensified coaching.

setting the stage

2018-19 Continuing Cohort
Continuing Cohort One
2019-20 Continuing Cohort
Continuing Cohort Two

Personalized Learning Design Team Showcase