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Spring 2020 Extended Day Online Professional Development Series

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Spring 2020 Extended Day Online Professional Development Series

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1 pm




Meeting ID: 759 5089 2901

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1 PM



Meeting ID: 334 270 259

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June 1, 2020

1 pm

Professional Development Brainstorming Session

Open forum to discuss topics you would like to see for future professional development opportunities.


Meeting ID: 736 4341 1021

Password: 4bKdeS

June 15, 2020

1 PM

Trauma Informed Care

The session will define trauma, promote trauma awareness, and investigate methods for making after school programming a safe place for those that are impacted by trauma.

Presented by:  Melanie Ficke, Assistant Director of Resident Services, AHC Inc. 


Meeting ID: 720 5986 5521

Password: 9aX7un

Important information for Extended Day online professional development:

  • Make sure your name shows on Zoom: When you are signing in please make sure your user name is your name.  If we don’t see your name we can’t give you credit for the professional development!
  • First Come First Served -The professional development sessions will only have space for 100 participants.  If you try to sign in to the professional development and are unable to enter the professional development, it is probably because the professional development  is full. Some of the sessions will be recorded and will be available to be viewed later.
  • Audio and Video  – Only the presenter will have their audio and video turned on for the professional development.
  • Chat – If you have a question during the presentation use the Chat or other messaging system at the bottom of your screen and send your message only to the presenter or the person helping the presenter.
  • Training Pay  – You will NOT receive training pay for the Spring 2020 Online Training Series.  You will receive professional development hours if you have signed in with your name.


Past Extended Day Professional Development

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The Importance of Self-CareTime

This session will focus on the importance of self-care as it pertains to OST work. We will be covering what self-care is and IS NOT. Some ideas/resources for self-care will be provided. Be prepared to share some of your ideas too!Presented by: Lina Medrano and Iris Vigil, Extended Day Supervisory Staff


Get Angry- And Get What You Want

You might be told not to get angry. Not true! Use your anger in a healthy and productive way. Borrowing heavily from a webinar by Dayle Malen, LCSW, we’ll explore how to make the most of your anger in a way that is healthy and beneficial for you and those around you!

Presented by: Michael Swisher, Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families

Video Coming Soon

Planning Literacy Activities for Multi-Age Groups

Strategic planning can help you use one theme for many ages of kids in your program! Join Eileen for a crash course in multi-age group Reading Rodeo planning with a focus on HOW to choose a theme that will work, open-ended and flexible activities, and book ideas.

Presented by: Eileen Hanning


Social Emotional Strategies, Tips and Techniques

Learn how even the small exchanges can carry emotional messages and help to build meaningful relationships with children.Presented by: Leila Vega, Special Education Teacher, Barrett Elementary School


Practical Tips for Managing the Impact of COVID-19

APS is now several weeks into the school closure. This closure has changed how employees work and has impacted them personally and professionally. This presentation will provide questions for you to consider as you adjust to a “new normal” as well as provide practical tips for managing your personal and professional stressors.Presented by: Arlington Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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Making Your First Pizza (or Salad or Salsa) Garden 

A webinar to guide Extended Day staff on a garden journey introducing kids to gardening via the planting and maintenance of a salsa garden. We’ll cover topics including: plants as food, how to plant seeds and seedlings, how to take care of your plants, and how to make salsa from your harvest. NOTE: Designed for a six-week after school program; this is not long enough to actually grow plants to fruition but methods to do so will be covered.

Presented by Debbie Keefe, Scarlett Swan and Caitlin Verdu, Master Gardners and 4H

Video Coming Soon

Project Based Learning

Do you want to know how to create activities in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects? Come and learn how to design and implement a “Project Based Learning” unit. PBL will design will help you help students ask questions about the world around them and answer those questions through a series of authentic, curated experiences.

Presented by: Anna Faulkner, Program Manager, Aspire! Afterschool Learning


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Building Resiliency Coping with Change

Navigating the impact of Covid 19 has left many of us exhausted and often without hope. By taking collective action of family, friends, co-workers and volunteers we may benefit from sharing ideas and learning from others, and in so doing rekindle hope and a belief life will become more manageable.; and we will live life as it matters and not on autopilot. This seminar will highlight our innate ability to build resilience as we cope with change.

Presented by Dr. Lisa Cooper-Lucas, EAPTopic: Building Resiliency Coping with Change

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Other Online Training Resources

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Online video

Behavior is Communication

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a child or youth “acting out” or “disrespecting you” with their behavior, consider what they may have been trying to tell you instead.

Presented by: Kids Included Together (KIT)

Online Video

The Developing Brain: The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Connection

What’s predictable is preventable. Understanding the impact of ACEs can lead to a better understanding of how prevention and resilience promotion can profoundly improve health, safety and connectivity. The “Developing Brain: The Impact of ACEs and Connection” details the neurobiological effects of adversity in childhood on development. It also identifies what we can do to improve health and well-being across the lifespan in our communities.Presented by: Arlington County Department of Human Services, Child and Family Services Division

Videos will open in Microsoft Teams – you can dowload the Teams App or watch on the internet.

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Part 2 Video

Part 3 Video

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

 FLIP IT! Feelings Limits Inquiries Prompts – A simple and effective way to respond to challenging behaviors. 

FLIP IT teaches adults an easy-to-remember process for responding positively to everyday challenges and challenging behaviors in children. Using this process also can help children learn about their feelings, understand their emotions and manage their actions. Don’t flip out! Learn to FLIP IT! Note you should be able to participate via a web browser, or you can download and install MS Teams


Presented by: Michael Swisher Child and Family Services Division (FLIP IT® was developed by the Devereux Center for Resilient Children)

Click on this CORRECTED LINK to Join FLIP IT via Micrsoft Live Events.