Check-In Program (Middle School Extended Day)

The Check-In program is Extended Day’s after school program for middle school students at Dorothy Hamm, Gunston, Jefferson, Kenmore, Swanson and Williamsburg. The Check-in program operates each day after school from school dismissal until 6 clip

The Check-In program provides students with a structured, supervised environment that allows them to participate in a variety of Check-In activities and the extracurricular activities at their middle school.

The Check-in staff work with the students to plan and implement activities that build Developmental Assets and positive relationships. There is also time each day for the students to work on homework.

Each middle school offers a variety of extracurricular activities and many Check-in students participate in the various clubs, sports, and other school sponsored events. Students who are enrolled in Check-in must sign-in at Check-in before they go to a school activity. After the activity they must return to the Check-in program.

Check-in students, with parental permission, are also able to sign themselves out and leave the school campus. Once a child has signed out for the day they cannot return to the Check-in program.