School Year Program FAQs

What do the children do in Extended Day?

Children participate in a wide variety of activities and events that build Developmental Assets, including games, art, drama, cooking, science, literacy, recreation and other projects and events. Each program also provides children with time each day to work on their homework, but Extended Day does not provide tutoring services.

Where is Extended Day located?

Extended Day is located at your child’s school.  The primary Extended Day location at each school is usually the cafeteria, however we do use other spaces in each building and the playground. Please contact the Extended Day staff (Extended Day Directory) at your school to find out the specific location for drop-off for the before school program and pick-up for the after school program.

What is the Check-In program?

The Check-In program provides after school care in each of the middle schools. Check-in offers students on-site after school activities, clubs, sports, and scheduled events. Students also have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular school-sponsored activities and events. Check-in students, with parental permission, are also able to sign themselves out and leave the school campus. Once a child has signed out for the day they cannot return to the Check-in program.

Is snack provided?

The Extended Day Program offers a healthy, tasty snack every afternoon at each school. The daily snacks are USDA approved and meet Virginia Department of Social Services licensing standards.

What are Extended Day Hours?

The before school session at elementary schools begins at 7 a.m. and continues until the school day begins. The afternoon session at elementary and middle schools begins at school dismissal and ends at 6 p.m.. On days when school is delayed two hours due to inclement weather Extended Day programs also open two hours late (9 a.m.). On days when school is closed early due to inclement weather the Extended Day programs close at 4 p.m.

Is Extended Day open on teacher work days?

No. Extended Day does not operate on teacher work days or other days when students do not attend school.

Is Extended Day operated by Arlington Public Schools?

Yes. The Extended Day Program is operated by the Department of Finance and Management Services and all staff are Arlington Public Schools employees.

How is Extended Day funded?

Extended Day is funded almost entirely through participation fees.  A contribution from Arlington County supplements the program, if necessary. The Code of Virginia prohibits school funds from being used for child care programs.

Is Extended Day a licensed program?

The Arlington Public Schools Extended Day programs operate exempt from state licensure, per VA Code. However, the Extended Day programs comply with state licensing standards and are monitored by the Extended Day Central Office, which conducts at least two monitoring visits annually. There is no direct oversight by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

How many staff are there at each site?

The staffing at each site is determined by the number of children enrolled in the program, based on the following adult:child ratios:

Age Adult:Child Ratio
Pre-Kindergarten 1:8
Kindergarten 1:10
1st – 5th Grade 1:15
Middle School 1:20