Summer Program FAQs

Summer School Extended Day is offered each summer for children attending Arlington Public Schools Summer School program.  Registration begins in the spring and is conducted online.  Registration for the summer program must be submitted separately from the School Year Extended Day program.  Registration information can be found on our Registration Page.

How do I register for the summer program?

Registration for the summer program and the school year program is conducted online and begins in the spring.  Families new to Extended Day can request a new family account using our New Family Account Request form. Families with children already in Extended Day will need to add siblings new to APS to their existing Extended Day family account online at

Does my child have to be enrolled in summer school to participate in Extended Day Summer Program?


.Are there wailtists for Summer School Extended Day?


What do kids do during the summer program?

Children participate in a wide variety of activities, including games, art, drama, cooking, science, literacy, recreation and other projects and events. The summer program has a camp atmosphere and includes field trips and swimming.