FACE School Showcase

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Here are examples from APS schools throughout our district where staff is successfully leading family engagement efforts. These homegrown templates of  family engagement efforts showcase staff and families establishing trusting relationships and working together towards a common goal: the success for all student.

Traditionally, family engagement events are structured so that families are mostly ‘talked at’ by teachers and administrators, the main focus is on providing information.  We encourage you to see all family engagement events as opportunities for staff and families to begin to build trusting relationships and to experience your classroom and the school as a learning community where students, families, and staff work together towards a common goal: the success of every student.

Click on the links below to find examples of how schools in APS are applying foundational strategies to initiate strong relationships with families.  These highlighted strategies are cornerstones for building effective family-school partnerships.

FACE School Showcase
Wakefield High School Home Visits


FACE School Showcase
Back-to-School Night at Escuela Key
Open House Picnic at Carlin Springs ES


Back to School Night at Claremont Elementary