Instructions to make a Reservation

Using the APS Aquatics Self-Service Portal, patrons may purchase a single admission and book a swim time based on availability. Reservations open 24 hours before the session scheduled time. Do NOT purchase multiple packages as they will expire within 15-days of purchase.  Swim times are 45-  or 60-minutes long and scheduled throughout the day, based on the number of lanes and other pool space available. Activities include Lap Swimming, Water Jogging, Water Exercise (aerobics), and Water Walking sessions.   The session schedule will also show on the schedule page of the portal.  Please select the package and the reservation type and time you wish to participate in.

Senior Swim sessions are reserved for adults over 60 years old.  If you are not a senior, please refrain from booking your session during these times.  Click the below for instructions on how to purchase your package and make your reservation:

Buying Swim Time and Reservations