RTGs, Young Scholars Coaches and School Information

Resource Teachers for the Gifted

The Arlington Public Schools Resource Teacher for the Gifted (RTG) model is built upon the work of Dr. Mary Landrum of JMU and Dr. Carol A. Tomlinson of UVA.

You can contact your child’s school RTG by using either their email or phone number listed below.

Resource Teacher for the Gifted by School

School Resource Teacher for the Gifted E-mail Phone
Abingdon Jacqueline Firster Jacqueline.Firster@apsva.us 703-228-6650
Arlington Science Focus Debbie Bulford debra.bulford@apsva.us 703-228-7670
Arlington Traditional Caitlin Franz Caitlin.Franz@apsva.us 703-228-6290
Ashlawn Donna Bertsch Donna.Bertsch@apsva.us 703-228-5270
Barcroft Kia Kensler Kia.Kensler@apsva.us 703-228-5838
Barrett Kate Carlisle katherine.carlisle@apsva.us 703-228-6288
Campbell Pamela Clark Pamela.Clark@apsva.us 703-228-6770
Carlin Springs Lauren Elkins Lauren.Elkins@apsva.us 703-228-6645
Claremont Carol Schaedel Carol.Schaedel@apsva.us 703-228-2501
Discovery Heather Blake Heather.Blake@apsva.us  703-228-2685
Drew Kristina Farrell Kristina.Farrell@apsva.us 703-228-5825
Glebe Lori West Lori.West@apsva.us 703-228-8253
Gunston David Steele David.Steele@apsva.us 703-228-6900
HB Woodlawn Liz Waters Liz.Waters@apsva.us 703-228-6363
Henry Donna English Donna.English@apsva.us 703-228-5820
Hoffman – Boston Amanda Dempsey Amanda.Dempsey@apsva.us 703-228-5845
Jamestown Amy Miknis Amy.Miknis@apsva.us 703-228-5275
Jefferson Megan Detweiler Megan.Detweiler@apsva.us 703-228-5900
Kenmore Allie Weber allie.weber@apsva.us 703-228-2258
Key Micaela Pond Micela.Pond@apsva.us 703-228-4210
Long Branch Xan Colello Alexandra.Colello@apsva.us 703-228-4220
McKinley Kevin Trainor Kevin.Trainor@apsva.us 703-228-5280
Nottingham Ryan Van Valen Ryan.VanValen@apsva.us 703-228-5290
Oakridge Greg Chapuis Greg.Chapuis@apsva.us 703-228-5840
Randolph Jacqui Greene Jacqui.Greene@apsva.us 703-228-2319
Swanson Sharen Humann Sharen.Humann@apsva.us 703-228-5529
Taylor Dryw Freed Drew.Freed@apsva.us 703-228-6275
Tuckahoe Corinne Reilly Corinne.Reilly@apsva.us 703-228-5288
Wakefield Wendy Maitland Wendy.Maitland@apsva.us 703-228-6743
Washington-Lee Liz Burgos Elizabeth.Burgos@apsva.us 703-228-8657
Williamsburg Melissa Edme Melissa.Edme@apsva.us 703-228-5461
Yorktown Eileen Wagner eileen.wagner@apsva.us 703-228-5427


School  Young Scholars Coach  Email Phone 
Barcroft Lizzie Mejia elizabeth.mejia@apsva.us 703-228-5838
Carlin Springs Doug Clarke douglas.clarke@apsva.us 703-228-6645
Carlin Springs Marijoy Cordero marijoy.cordero@apsva.us 703-228-6645
Carlin Springs Tani McGinnis tani.mcginnis@apsva.us 703-228-6645

Cheryl McCullough, 703-228-6160, cheryl.mccullough@apsva.us

Administrative Assistant

Esmeralda Castillo, 703-228-6160, esmeralda.castillo@apsva.us