Family Life Education

Virginia Department Of Education Family Life Standards – 2020FLE Class


The Arlington Public Schools Physical Education program follows the Virginia Family Life Education (FLE) Standards of learning (SOLs). Arlington Public Schools, in accordance with the State of Virginia mandate, has developed a comprehensive, sequential, age-appropriate K-10 Family Life Education curriculum.

The Family Life Education program will assist students to:

  • Develop positive self-concepts and respect for others,
  • Form and maintain strong relationships with family and community,
  • Develop self-esteem, self confidence, and responsibility,
  • Understand the importance of abstaining from sexual activity,
  • Manage stress and resist peer pressure,
  • Develop awareness and knowledge of mental health issues,
  • Prevent sexual assault and dating violence and recognize abusive relationships, and
  • Develop into responsible, productive and well-adjusted adults.


All resource documents are in PDF format.
Virginia State Board of Education Approved Revisions to FLE SOLs effective July 1, 2020.

Arlington Public Schools Family Life Education Resources


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