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Jewish American Heritage Month

This May, as we observe Jewish American Heritage Month, we take this special opportunity to celebrate and recognize the rich contributions and cultural heritage of Jewish Americans. The Jewish community in the United States has been influential in shaping our society.

At APS, our mission is to create learning environments that are safe, healthy and supportive of all students. Jewish American Heritage Month aligns with our vision by promoting understanding and appreciation of the diversity that enriches our community.

We encourage our community to participate in the celebrations and educational opportunities this month. Engaging with this heritage allows us to appreciate the mosaic of cultures that compose our nation.

Jewish American Heritage Month is not only a celebration of a rich cultural history but also an acknowledgment of the resilience and achievements of the Jewish people. Jewish Americans have thrived despite facing immense challenges and have made enduring contributions to American society and beyond.

Please join us in celebrating the profound impact Jewish Americans have had on our country and our community. For more information and resources on Jewish American Heritage Month, please visit: