Homebound Instruction for Medical Reasons

Homebound Services are provided to students who are unable to attend school for medical reasons.

The APS Manual for Homebound Instruction is a resource for parents, physicians, school staff and homebound teachers with answers to frequently asked questions and guidance on the process for applying for Homebound Instruction.

The application process for Homebound Instruction starts with the parent/guardian who works with the student’s physician to complete the medical certification of need. The parent/guardian then provides the application, with pages 1 & 2 completed, to the school.

The school must complete page 3 and forward the entire, completed application to the Office of Homebound Services for review and consideration. The school should retain a copy of the Homebound application in the student’s file at the school and give a copy of the application to the designated case carrier.

English Application Homebound Instruction

Spanish Application Homebound Instruction

Home-based Instruction is for special education students delivered in the home or other facility, according to an IEP, and may also be for students removed from school for disciplinary or other reasons. The application is the same.