Instructional & Innovative Technologies


Information Services provides resources and services that support teaching and learning with technology including the integration of computer hardware/software, peripheral devices, web-based content, video, and distance learning technologies. The office also provides leadership in the research and testing of new and innovative technologies for instructional integration.

Coordination and Collaboration

The Office Coordinates previews and evaluates software, online resources, and emerging technologies for the Arlington Public Schools Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 instructional program. The Office collaborates with curriculum staff on specific initiatives including curriculum development, technology observations, textbook adoption, video integration projects, LMS implementation, and piloting and testing of software.


Instructional Technology in Arlington is facilitated through school-based Instructional Technology Coordinators (ITCs). The ITCs provide leadership, professional development, and support to instructional staff with the integration of computer, video, information and communication technologies.


  • Coordinates selection, support, & professional development of Instructional Technology Coordinators;
  • Coordinates support to schools designed to strengthen and enhance the instructional program through the use of instructional video subscriptions, digital resources & e-textbooks, LMS and other software/online resources;
  • Evaluates and recommends new and innovative technologies to support/enhance student learning;
  • Supports implementation of Windows, MAC OS, new versions of applications and Web 2.0 tools;
  • Supports and coordinates TSIPs review process to ensure that 100% of APS instructional personnel new to Arlington meet or exceed the State of Virginia technology competencies;
  • Supports offices, programs and schools with the utilization of LMS to support goals and objectives;
  • Supports distance learning offerings and coordinates online learning classes;
  • Supports the creation and design of online professional development offerings, using a variety of online tools.

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