ATSS Professional Learning Communities

Arlington Tiered System of Support works within the PLC framework to help schools build the capacity to address both the academic,  behavioral, and social-emotional needs of students. These two frameworks work seamlessly together to support the whole child.

PLC Chart
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  • What is the goal or objective?
  • What do we want students to know or be able to do?


  • What are the possible reasons why the desired goal/ objective or behavior is not attained?


  • Create and implement an action plan. (intervention and or acceleration)


  • Assess the effectiveness of the action plan and revise if necessary
PLC Questions ATSS
What do we expect our students to learn? Core Curriculum Goals and Behavior Expectations
How will we know they are learning? Assessment
How will we respond when they don’t learn? Intervention
How will we respond if they already know it? Advanced Learning/Acceleration

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