Student Support Manual

What is the Student Support Manual?

The Student Support Manual is a document intended to provide guidance on how to implement consistent, high-quality, data-driven, legally compliant support for students, including special education and related services, across the entire APS system. The intended audience for this manual is primarily APS staff. An overview of the Student Support Manual, created to serve as a family companion guide, is available and linked below.

The Student Support Manual outlines :

  • Roles and responsibilities for individual participants in each process;
  • Roles of the Collaborative Learning/Teacher Team (CLT); and
  • The role of the Student Support Team (SST) which can include:
    • Creation of an individual intervention plan, formerly developed by a team called an Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)
    • Referral for an evaluation for Special Education, formerly conducted by a Student Study Committee – (SSC)
    • Consideration of Section 504 Eligibility

The Student Support System is the umbrella under which several processes may occur when any student needs additional support. At any point, a parent can make a referral to the Student Support Team.

Why was the Student Support Manual created?

This manual was created as a way to:

  • Provide guidance and resources to support students within the tiered system of support in order to ensure that students receive early and targeted intervention as needed.
  • Provide essential guidance related to the special education process, including referral, evaluation, and Individualized Education Program (IEP) development.
  • Provide clarity for the professionals who implement procedures, and clearly delineate their roles and responsibilities.
  • Ensure necessary data is collected to enable all SST and IEP teams to have an informed and meaningful discussion in light of the student’s unique circumstances.
  • Establish a structure of accountability.

How do I access the Student Support Manual?

Student Support Manual
Student Support Manual








How can I access an abbreviated version of the Student Support Manual? 

The following overview was created to help teachers, families, and community members more easily navigate through the student support process.

Student Support Process Overview- English

Student Support Process Overview – Amharic የተማሪዎች ድጋፍ መስጫሒደት

Student Support Process Overview – Arabic عملية دعم الطلاب

Student Support Process Overview – Mongolian – СУРАГЧИЙГ ДЭМЖИХ ПРОЦЕСС

Student Support Process Overview – Spanish – PROCESO DE APOYO ESTUDIANTIL