Balanced Assessment Plan/ Local Alternative Assessments/ Performance Based Assessments

As Part of the Arlington Publics School’s Balanced Assessment plan, we use Performance Based Assessments to meet the requirements of the Local Alternative Assessments. Please see below for a more information about each term and specifics about how APS implements each component.

Balanced Assessment Plan – Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, school divisions are required to develop Balanced Assessment Plans for the content areas and courses requiring local alternative assessments. Please see the APS Plans by clicking on the subject or grade you are interested in reviewing:

ELA Balanced Assessment Plan

Grade 3 Science balanced assessment plan

3rd Grade History Balanced Assessment Plan

6th Grade History Balanced Assessment Plan

7th Grade History Balanced Assessment Plan

Local Alternative Assessment (LAA) – are given in specific areas (see Balanced Assessment Plans above) where SOLs have been waived and are replaced by instruction and an assessment/s consistent with VDOE Board guidelines.  These LAAs must 1) incorporate age-appropriate, authentic assessments and portfolios with rubrics and other methodologies designed to ensure that students are making adequate academic progress and (2) permit and encourage integrated assessments that include multiple subject areas.  LAAs would be administered, scored, and reported locally, then sent to VDOE for moderation if requested by audit.

Performance Based Assessments (PBA) – Performance based assessments measure subject-matter proficiency by requiring students to apply the content and skills they have learned to an authentic task.  PBAs should present opportunities for students to demonstrate acquisition of the “Five C’s” – critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and citizenship – rather than traditional assessments which focus more on factual rote memorization. Click here to learn more about PBAs in Arlington.

Click here to Learn more about VDOE”s guidance on Performance Assessments and Local Alternative Assessments,