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Purpose of Assessment: The NNAT test is a nonverbal measure of general ability that yields a norm-based score, helpful in identifying students with the potential for advanced scholastic achievement.

Who: Grade 1

Dates: Fall 2021

What to expect during the assessment: Students are presented with multiple choice puzzle like activities that are timed. The NNAT3 measures the student’s ability to look at a pattern that has a missing section, understand the relationships among the parts, and determine which of the five options correctly fills the gap.

Practice links: The publisher does not have practice items as students have a chance to practice the assessment during the testing session.

What Do the Scores Mean: A sample NNAT3 Parent report sample gives an overview of the scores and what they mean. NNAT3 results, like those from any test, should be interpreted in light of the student’s background, including classroom performance, social-emotional skills, motivation, and language skills. The NNAT3 has a variety of educational applications.It is a nonverbal measure of general ability that predicts scholastic achievement and is well suited to assessing groups of students with diverse backgrounds and characteristics.The NNAT3 has ample ceiling for use in identifying gifted students, but it covers the full range of ability and therefore can also be useful in flagging students with low ability who may face difficulties in schoolwork. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with information about academic achievement, the NNAT3 can provide a broader picture of students who are struggling academically and identify students who may have learning problems, whose academic difficulties may be due to learning problems or limited English proficiency, or who may have had inadequate opportunity to learn. These groups of students are likely to do more poorly on tests that require verbal and quantitative knowledge than one that is nonverbal, making a test like the NNAT3 a good choice for accurate assessment.

NNAT Results:  NNAT3 Results Interpretation Letter is found here in English, Arabic, Spanish, Amharic and Mongolian.

Resources based on the results: If needed, please discuss your student’s results with your student’s teacher.