Curriculum Resource Adoption

Through the 2016-17 resource adoption
 process, Arlington Public Schools has been vetting English language arts, science, and social studies materials that best create opportunities for personalized 
learning. We are currently soliciting public feedback on the materials under consideration.  Feedback is being accepted via the online feedback form until May 26, 2017.   Print copies of resources are also available for review at the Syphax Education Center (2110 Washington Blvd.) in Room 109 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.  The process includes consideration
 of digitally curated content for instruction
 as well as tools for differentiated and 
adaptive learning experiences. Whether
 print or digital, the process is supportive of
 those resources that are needed for
 personalized environments while engaging
 students in critical thinking, creative 
thinking, collaboration, communication, and citizenship.

The Arlington Public Schools provides basic and certain supplementary materials free of cost to students in all grades. The School Board adopts materials on a timeline in accordance with state guidelines following recommendations from materials adoption committees consisting of staff and citizens. The Board evaluates recommendations based on:

  • scholarship, teaching methods and techniques
  • consistency with K-12 curriculum goals and scope and sequence
  • correlation with the goals and objectives of the course or grade concerned
  • the treatment of social issues and cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity
  • effective use of resources

Basic materials are those specified by the Virginia Board of Education and/or the School Board and which most students are expected to use in their study.

Supplementary materials are those materials used by a class for a short period in addition to the basic materials or used to individualize instruction. Supplementary materials can be either systemwide or school based. In either case, all such materials used in schools must be approved following the processes detailed in the Policy Implementation Procedure. Any resident of Arlington County or employee of the Arlington Public Schools may request the reconsideration of the use of textbooks and other instructional materials in accordance with School Board Policy Implementation Procedure 20-2.230.

Curriculum materials that are currently under consideration will be made available for public review.  Each subject area that is considering resource adoption will maintain a website which will include the following information: course/grade level of materials, publisher, resource title, resource type, description, and how to access the materials (either digitally or location of physical materials for public review).  Details regarding this year’s resource adoption can be found here.

Feedback Form for Public Review of Materials

Do you have feedback on any of the materials under consideration for adoption? You can share it with us by completing this feedback form. Submissions will be accepted until May 26. Print copies of resources are also available for review at the Syphax Education Center (2110 Washington Blvd.) in Room 109 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

Current Adoptions


APS 20-2.235 Selection of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials