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Thank you to all who attended our previous Town Halls. You can view the events again in the video window at the bottom of this page.

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APS will be hosting two virtual community Town Halls in May to address questions or concerns about Summer School. APS staff will address questions received in advance and take questions during the live event using マイクロソフトのチーム or Facebook Live.

  • Mon, May 17 from 6-7 p.m.
  • Tue, May 18 from 7-8 p.m. specifically focused on summer school for 障害のある学生

Both events will provide simultaneous interpretation in five languages, including ASL, and closed captions in the streamed video below.



    • チームチャットまたはFacebookライブチャットで質問を送信する
    • テキストの質問先:703-957-0089


COVID-XNUMX 同時通訳 他の言語に:

    • Para escuchar enespañol:
      Luegomarqueelcódigo:8915 541 472
    • መጀመርያበዚህቀትርደውሉ1 646 307 1479
      በመቀጠልምየሚቀጥለውን7717 692 178
    • онголхэлмэрч:1 646 307 1479
      Монголхэлмэрчийнкод:3686 798 342
    • يرجىالإتصالعلىالرقم
      1 646 307 1479
      5770 975 517


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Previous Town Halls

  • Dr. Durán hosted a community virtual Town Hall on Friday, October 16, from 5-6 p.m., to address the Return to School Plan. The Superintendent addressed questions already received and took questions during the live event using Microsoft Teams or Facebook Live. The event provided simultaneous interpretation in 5 languages, including ASL, and closed captions. The powerpoint presentation from the event is available to view here: 16月XNUMX日市庁舎からのパワーポイント発表
  • 6月には、 APS hosted a series of virtual town halls to ask Dr. Durán questions and learn a little about him.