Literature, Arts, Music and Poetry

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Welcome to the Literature, Arts, Music and Poetry (L.A.M.P) Series of classes with the

Arlington Community Learning Program.

The fun, fascinating “L.A.M.P” courses introduce you to some of the most beautiful, exciting and amazing works of Literature, Art, Music and Poetry you’ll ever experience. From the stirring dramas of Shakespeare…the the mighty symphonies of Beethoven…to the dazzling stained class windows of Notre the famous Operas of the past…take a break from the rancor of today’s headlines and look, learn, listen and delight in the best of what human beings are capable of.


A History of American Popular Music (evening)

A History of American Popular Music (morning)

Opera Masterpiece (morning)

Opera Masterpiece (evening)

Opera Divas, Female Opera Superstars

Beethoven (morning)

Beethoven (evening)

Discover Classical Music (evening)

Discover Classical Music (morning)

Timeless Music of Bach (morning)

Power and Intellect of Johannes Brahms

Famous Opera Male Singers

Art Appreciation (morning)

History of 19th Century Photography

Historical European Martial Arts

Medieval to Gothic Architecture & Crusader Castles

Get Acquainted with Shakespeare