Lottery FAQs

Which schools will have a lottery for Extended Day?

Lotteries will only be held for schools for which school year after school registration exceeds capacity. There are not lotteries for summer programs or school year before school programs- all children who register for these sessions will be enrolled.

Why a lottery?

Lotteries are to ensure a fair process that gives families equal access for registration at schools in which demand has exceeded capacity.

How is program capacity determined?

Capacity at each school is based on available space and staffing needs.  Extended Day works with administrators to determine program capacity. The number of slots available at each school will be posted on the Extended Day website prior to the lottery.

When is the lottery?

If necessary, Extended Day lotteries will take place in early May after option schools have notified families of their enrollment status.  The lottery date and location will be announced and open to the public.

How can I make sure my child is in the lottery?

Any child registered between April 16th – April 30th period will have his/her name entered in the lottery, if a lottery is necessary at their child’s school.

How are siblings considered for a lottery?

If siblings attend the same school, the family will have one entry in that school’s lottery. If the family number is selected for enrollment all the children in that family will be enrolled.  If the family’s number is selected after the program has reached capacity, all the children will be placed on the waitlist. Families registering children for different schools will have lottery numbers at each school.

What can I do if I find out in late May that my child is placed on an Extended Day wait list?

Do not wait to develop contingency plans.  Other local childcare programs are available to ensure coverage.  If your children are selected in the Extended Day lottery, you can choose to withdraw them from the other program.   If children who attend other local programs are accepted into Extended Day in the middle of a month, Extended Day will hold your spot until the following month, upon request.

Will Summer Extended Day have a lottery?

No. There will not be a lottery for summer school Extended Day as there is sufficient space for all children at the summer school programs.