Contact Information

The Language Services Registration Center (LSRC)

Syphax Education Center
2110 Washington Blvd., Suite 155
Arlington, VA 22204

Tel. 703-228-7663
Fax. 703-228-7205

LSRC is open Mondays through Fridays, except on holidays.
Hours of Operation: Mondays – Fridays, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Free Garage Parking in the building: Visitors must park in Levels B1 or B2 (no ticket is necessary). From the garage, take the elevator to level L and go through the heavy metal door into the Lobby. Please check at the Welcome Center and ask for directions to the LSRC office suite 155.

LSRC Staff Directory:

Coordinator: Corina Coronel. Tel: (703) 228-8041 Email:

Front Office:

  • Juana Luna, Administrative Assistant. Tel: (703) 228-7663. Email:
  • Digna Alejandro, Administrative Assistant. Email:


  • Shiraz Bensalem, Registrar. Tel: (703) 228-8048. Email:;
  • Sonia Wayar. Registrar. Tel: (703) 228-8004. Email:;
  • Tuguldur Batmunkh. Registrar. Tel: (703) 228-8010. Email:;
  • Vanessa Ventura, Registration Services Technician. Tel: (703) 228-8008. Email:

Language Services Coordination:

  • Interpretation: Tuguldur Batmunkh. Tel: (703) 228-8010. Email:;
  • Translation: Stella Martinez, Translation Specialist. Tel.: (703) 228-7665. Email:

Student Assessment:

  • Dr. Ofelia Perez de Cid, Assessment Specialist. Tel. (703) 228-8030 Email:
  • Mary Beth Pelosky, Assessment Specialist. Tel. (703) 228-8006. Email: