The Maintenance Services Department is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the school system’s physical plant. A variety of functions and tasks associated with the daily operation of school facilities are conducted by Maintenance Services.

Plant equipment services include routine maintenance, predictive and preventive maintenance, as well as emergency repairs. The department is supported by eleven specialized trade divisions which perform work unique to their respective trade. A Department link is provided to offer further information about the specific trades, the division supervisor’s name, and a contact number for the shop.

The maintenance function fits within a comprehensive facility management structure that includes scheduled infrastructure maintenance and system replacement, minor capital improvements and facility renewal. Capital Projects Fund (Pay-As-You-Go) provides funding for major system and component replacement, improvements in the configuration of educational spaces and facilities systems.

Maintenance Services utilizes a web based work order system. Each school/facility has a designated work order coordinator that inputs information in to the system. Maintenance Services has a full-time Work Order Coordinator who receives the work order, approves the request, forwards the request to the appropriate division, and tracks the work order through the process to completion.

Maintenance Services is also very conscientious about our use of nonrenewable energy. We strive to reduce our energy usage, to engage classroom learning on energy matters, and are in the process of developing a long term energy program.