Math Assessments

Early Mathematics Assessment System (EMAS) for PreKindergarten (Age 4) – Kindergarten

The Early Mathematics Assessment System (EMAS), part of the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP), measures mathematical thinking including questions in the areas of geometry, patterning, numeracy, and computation.

The modules of the assessment include:

Geometry: Shape recognition and shape properties (PreK); shape matching and identification, shape properties, composing shapes (Kindergarten)

Patterning: Recognizing patterns, reproducing patterns, extending patterns, and creating patterns

Numeracy: Counting and cardinality, subitizing, describing changes in sets, and numerals (PreK); counting and cardinality, subitizing, comparing and ordering numbers, composing and decomposing numbers, recognizing and writing numerals, describing sets, ordinal numbers, sharing fairly (Kindergarten)

Computation: Adding and subtracting

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Math Inventory 3.1 (MI) for Grades 1-8The Math Inventory 3.1 assessment is a classroom-based, computer-adaptive universal screener and progress monitoring tool that measures mathematics achievement and growth from Kindergarten through Algebra II. The Math Inventory 3.1 is designed to evaluate students’ mathematics performance, monitor their progress, support placement for intervention or extensions, and set goals for instruction.

For additional information on the Math Inventory 3.1, please click on the following link:

Math Inventory 3.1 WebsiteUnderstanding the Math Inventory