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Virtual Therapy with Hazel Health

Hazel offers teletherapy services for all high school students, starting January 2024, at no cost to families.

virtual therapy illustrationArlington Public Schools partners with Hazel Health to provide virtual mental health services that are:  

  • Safe, private, and confidential;
  • Accessible to all students in grades 9-12
  • Available to students in multiple languages;
  • Available to students outside of the school day.
  • At no cost to students (regardless of insurance status or documentation status)

What is Hazel?

Confidential virtual visits: Hazel’s expert therapists can help with stress, bullying, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and more through scheduled therapy visits at home.

Care management to local resources: Hazel offers referrals to mental health services in your community to ensure your student receives the long-term support they need.

How does Hazel help your student thrive?

Connect your student with teletherapy: With parent/guardian permission, Hazel’s telehealth platform allows school staff to connect your child with a health care provider or therapist for an online, scheduled appointment.

Help your student feel and learn their best: Hazel health care providers are trained to consider the “Whole child” and know how to get to the root cause of the health issues.

Connect your student to timely mental health support: Hazel’s licensed therapists specialist in helping children and teens understand and cope with what they’re feeling.

How Does Hazel Work?

Scheduled online therapy visits: Hazel provides timely access to appointments with licensed therapists who can help your student with what they’re feeling, including stress, depression, anxiety, bullying, grief/loss, trauma, peer & family relationships, and more.

Therapy access at home: Hazel allows students to access the mental health care they need online at home, using their APS issued device or personal device and their Hazel account. These services can address short-term concerns or issues or be used while a student is waiting for an appointment with a local clinician.

Care Coordination: After your student has completed care with Hazel health, their clinical support team can help connect your family with care or resources you need in your community, such as a local therapist if longer-term services are needed, a primary care provider, or a specialist.

What can you tell me about Hazel’s Therapists?

  • Hazel is HIPAA compliant
  • Hazel’s therapists are locally licensed.
  • 50% of Hazel providers identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)
  • 40% of Hazel providers are bilingual speaking more than 15 languages

How do you access Hazel Health Services?

Step 1

  • APS will share the following demographic information with Hazel Health (unless you choose to opt out of this service): student name and date of birth, parent/guardian name(s), and parent/guardian contact information.
  • By sharing this demographic information, you will be able to schedule appointments for teletherapy services for your student without the involvement of APS staff. This will also allow your school counselor, school social worker, or school psychologist to submit a referral for teletherapy services for your child on your behalf.
  • Please note that by sharing this information, you are not consenting to services. Additional parent/guardian consent for services will be required for youth under the age of 18 to access teletherapy services.
  • You will have the opportunity to opt out of Hazel Health.

Step 2

  • Students can be referred to therapy by a parent/guardian OR by a designated school staff member.You can refer your child to therapy by calling (571) 749-2940  or by contacting an APS school counselor, social worker, psychologist, or director of student services.
  • Your student participates in weekly online therapy sessions. Hazel matches your child with a licensed therapist and contacts you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment. The therapist helps to address identified concerns during weekly virtual therapy sessions. Appointments are available at home, Monday-Friday, from the end of school through 7:00 p.m. (the last appointments are scheduled for 7:00 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m.)
  • Therapy completion: Your child achieves their therapy goals and is discharged from the therapy program.
  • Care coordination: If needed, Hazel helps connect your child with long-term mental health services in the community.

How can I opt my child out of Hazel Health Services?

If you choose to opt out, you may do so by logging in to ParentVUE.

Once you have logged into ParentVue:

  • Click on Student Info. 
  • Click on Edit Information.
  • Find Teletherapy Access (Hazel Health)  
  • Click on the dropdown arrow, choose No to opt out
  • Click Save Changes.

screenshot of ParentVUE Opt-Out procedure

APS School-Based Mental Health and Wellness Support

If you need additional mental health and wellness support for your student this school year, please contact your student’s school counselor, school psychologist, or school social worker directly. Contact information for school staff can be found on the school website.

  • If you are in crisis, you can call or text 988, or use the online chat at 988lifeline.org.
    Always call 911 if there is immediate concern.