Planning your Arrival to APS

Enrollment and Registration Process

We know that moving is challenging, especially for military families. Children of active military duty members moving to the school district can be enrolled in the neighborhood school zoned for their residence at any time during the school year. Please see the Registration page for documentation needed to prove residency. Provisional enrollment can be granted but does not guarantee school placement until residency is established. If a student wishes to attend a school other than the neighborhood school zoned for their residence, they must go through the normal transfer application process, based on available space. Transportation will not be provided for schools outside of the neighborhood attendance area in which the student lives.

Children of active military duty members who were in Kindergarten in their previous school may be admitted to Arlington Public Schools, even if they have not yet met minimum age requirements. Families should contact the Early Childhood Office for readiness evaluation and guidance on forms and documents required for admission.

Families should use the APS Boundary (Attendance Area Locator) to determine which neighborhood school serves your new home.  Families can register for school through an online process or by  contacting your school directly to schedule an appointment to drop off documents. Parents may review the Arlington Public Schools Handbook as they engage in the registration process.

Visit the Registration page to find information on age & health requirements, where to register, documentation needed, options and transfers, and more.

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