FY 2017-26 CIP


School Board Meeting Presentations / Announcements

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  • FY2017-26 Capital Improvement Plan — Community Engagement Calendar (Document)

Community Meetings

Community Findings & Feedback

  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Summary (Document)
  • Possible Options Discussed at 3/30/2016 Community Forum (Document)
  • Feedback Form #1 Results (Document)
  • Feedback Form #2 Results (Document)
  • Feedback Form #3 Results (Document)


Statistical Reports

Background Materials

  • FY2017-26 CIP Framework — 2/3/2016 (Document)
  • Smaller, Safer, Saner, Successful Schools (Document)
  • Master Planning Committee 2015 Report (Document)
  • Master Planning Committee Additional Resources (Document)
  • Alternatives to Traditional Scheduling (Document)
  • Learning Environments (Document)
  • School Structures (Document)
  • North Atlanta High School (Link)
  • Washington Post Article (Link)
  • Raisbeck Aviation high School (Link)
  • Alternatives to Comprehensive High Schools (Document)

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