iPad Initial Configuration

Overview on how to configure your iPad from the beginning:

(For more detailed directions including a video please go to this link: https://www.apsva.us/esonline/ipad-initialization/)

  • Press the home button when you see Hello -> tap English -> tap United States.
  • Tap Set Up Manually -> Tap APS for WiFi.   Type in your username (Student ID) and password. Tap Trust, wait, and then tap Next (upper right).
  • If you are configuring this at home, tap on your home WiFi name. Then type in your home WiFi password.
  • Tap Continue for Data & Privacy and Next for Remote Management (upper right).
  • Type in your username and password.
  • Tap Continue for Express Settings -> Install Updates Manually (Keep Your iPad up to Date) -> Not Now (Improve Siri & Dictaion -> Set up Later in Settings (for Screen Time) -> Continue (4 times). Then Get Started.
  • Wait until Global Protect and Hub apps automatically appear! Tap Dismiss when it appears. Open the Hub app and tap Always Allow. If no apps download, go to App Catalog and install Global Protect and Intelligent Hub.
  • In Hub app, type in your username, password, and Sign In. Then tap: I understand then I Agree
  • Press the Home button and open the Global Protect app -> tap Tap to Connect. You may see a spinning circle but VPN will only appear at the top of the iPad outside of APS wifi.
  • For first time in school year: Launch StudentVue app. Log into app and agree to APS Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Press Home button, Go to Settings, Passcode, Turn Passcode On, and create a Passcode.
    • Make sure to write down this Passcode somewhere safe and share it with a parent.