Payroll Overview

Payroll Fax: 703-807-0146

Services provided by the Payroll Office to provide essential support to instructional programs and administrative staff to achieve Strategic Plan goals:

  • Analyze timesheets forwarded to payroll for payment of employees;
  • Forward the payroll to the appropriate areas for disbursement into employees’ accounts;
  • Process and mail or make available online W-2’s for employees;
  • Forward payment of taxes and other requirements to the appropriate organizations to make sure that APS meets payroll federal and state requirements; and
  • Provide customer service and support for all aspects of payroll.

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Pay Dates

Employees are paid semi-monthly, on the 15th and the last business day of each month.

Please Note: APS does not make any guarantee of your pay being deposited earlier than the posted dates listed in the link below, unless otherwise communicated. Please verify with your bank’s posting guidelines to verify receipt of funds.

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