W-2 Information

W-2’s will be mailed to the employee’s home address on file during the last week of January, and will be postmarked by January 31 in accordance with IRS regulations.  APS is not responsible for W-2’s lost in the mail or non-delivery by USPS due to an employee’s home address not being updated and current in STARS.  If an employee has moved to a different state of residence and did not change their tax withholding state, they are responsible for filing taxes with the appropriate states.

Employees may view and print W-2’s online for calendar years 2012 – 2018 by logging into their STARS account.

Once logged into STARS – click on Employee Self Service, Payroll Summary, and then W-2 Year End Tax Summary.  Your current W-2 form will be displayed as a pdf file that can be printed and downloaded.

Instructions to print W-2’s from STARS.

All password resets must be done through the Department of Information Services (help desk extension 2847 or by email 2847@apsva.us).

W-2 Year-End Tax Summary Information

W-2’s are online for employees through Employee Self Service. Employees can retrieve  2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 W-2’s.

In network login: http://myerp.apsva.us/
Home login: http://myerp.public.apsva.us/

An Online W-2’s is a legal representation of a paper version W-2.

If you need your W-2 reissued, please contact a Payroll Staff Representative.  Requests will begin to be processed on the 15th of February.  

Per IRS regulations, W-2s have the following codes in specific boxes which correspond to taxable income categories:

BOX 10 – Flex Dependent

BOX 12 CODE C – Imputed Income (Tax premium on life insurance paid over $50k)

BOX 12 CODE E – TSA (403B Tax Shelter Plan)

BOX 12 CODE G – 457 Plan

BOX 12 CODE DD – cost of employer sponsored health coverage

BOX 14 CODE PREM – Employee paid premiums for Vision, Health, and Dental

BOX 14 CODE RET – Retirement Plan (ACERS, VRS EE, and VRS Buy Back)

BOX 14 CODE FMS – Flex Medical Spending

BOX 14 BOX CTB – Car Taxable Benefit

BOX 14 CODE LTC – Long Term Care Premiums Paid

Note:  APS Payroll Staff cannot give tax advice to any individual, including assistance filling out an employee’s tax forms.  Please consult an independent professional tax preparer or CPA to address any concerns.  APS is not responsible for the withholding amounts taken from an employee’s check for Federal and/or State taxes.  Employees should review their tax withholding amounts regularly to ensure that the proper amounts and jurisdictions are being withheld.  Links are provided on the APS website to the IRS and various state agencies to research any questions you may have.