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These resources provide additional information about Personalized Learning. Check back regularly to view new resources.


The Myth of Average (8:26) – In this TEDx video, high school dropout turned Harvard faculty Todd Rose talks about how a simple new way of thinking helps nurture individual potential. Want to hear more? Click this here to watch the video in its entirety.


The Clayton Christensen Institute –
The Clayton Christensen Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to improving the world through disruptive innovation. Founded on the theories of Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, the Institute offers a unique framework for understanding many of society’s most pressing issues around education, healthcare, and economic prosperity.

The Highlander Institute
Highlander Institute cultivates and disseminates innovative education solutions that improve educator and system capacity to provide personalized experiences for every learner.

Aurora Institute (formerly iNACOL)
Aurora Institute, formerly iNACOL, is a nonprofit organization with the mission to catalyze the transformation of K-12 education policy and practice to advance powerful, personalized, learner-centered experiences through competency-based, blended and online learning.

The Institute of Personalized Learning
We have developed a model and process to effect this change, and through a unique action network approach are able to take advantage of multiple sites, simultaneously test a variety of strategies and share learning and research to accelerate the effort.

By delivering innovative education approaches and advancing aligned policies, KnowledgeWorks activates and develops the capacity of communities and educators to imagine, build and sustain vibrant learning ecosystems that allow each student to thrive.

The Rodel Teacher Foundation –
The Rodel Teacher Council is a group of teacher-leaders from across the state of Delaware. By meeting with national leaders, visiting exemplary schools in the US, and piloting personalized learning in their own classrooms, the council hopes to scale personalized learning across the state.


Meeting The Every Student Succeeds Act’s Promise: State Policy to Support Personalized Learning (PDF) Click here to download
This report provides recommendations for state policymakers to support local and statewide efforts to transform student learning in K-12 education through personalized, competency-based learning. Taken as a whole, the recommendations in this report present a comprehensive state policy approach to support student-centered learning.

A National Landscape Scan of Personalized Learning in K-12 Education in the United States (PDF) – Click here to download
This publication provides findings from a national survey of teachers and students to underscore how, and to what extent, core elements of personalized learning are taking hold in K-12 schools and districts across the United States.

The Shifting Paradigm of Teaching: Personalized Learning According to Teachers (PDF) – Click here to download
Based on interviews with teachers, instructional coaches and principals, the report explores what drives educators to build personalized learning environments in the classroom.

The Learning Independence Continuum: The Path from Educator-Driven to Learner-Driven

Education Week – October 19, 2016 Issue – Personalized Learning: The Next Generation

Early Learning Tech Policy Brief – US Department of Education

Choices for Children: How and Why to Let Students Decide

Teaching and Learning Continuum: Moving to Learner Agency

Teaching and Learning Approaches Chart (v1)

Defining Personalized Learning

Defining Personalized Learning by Kathleen McClaskey

Mean What You Say: Defining and Integrating Personalized, Blended and Competency Education by Susan Patrick, Kathryn Kennedy and Allison Powell

Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools by Michael Horn and Heather Staker (Excerpt)

Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning: A Roadmap for School Leaders by James Rickabaugh (Excerpt)