APS News Release

A Message from the Interim Superintendent

Dear Students and Families,

First, let me say how much we miss our students. I know I speak on behalf of our APS staff when I say that we love our students and are passionate and committed to doing our best for them now and in preparation for the future. Being in the presence of students has always kept me highly motivated! This time away, while essential​ to safety, has been hard on our educators and administrators. We are all in it together, and our commitment to our students remains our driving force as we navigate these unprecedented times.

I have heard from staff members and families how challenging this past week has been. I know that teleworking while having children at home creates multiple challenges, and we continue to work on ways to support families without creating additional burdens. This means ensuring we, APS staff, are being patient, flexible and ​supportive as new resources are introduced and work is assigned. For students with multiple teachers, this also means ensuring adequate coordination on scheduling and daily structure, and consistency in communicating information to families. During this time, we need to maximize learning opportunities and decrease stress in every way we can.

As we finalize our continuity of learning plans for the remainder of the year, we are striving to bring this balance. The current instructional plans established by your teachers will remain in place through Fri, April 3. Teachers will not assign any work next week. Beginning after Spring Break, on April 14, we will move forward with an adjusted model for each grade level. Those plans will be shared with parents during the week of April 6.

I’ll end this week’s message with a quote: “Joy is increased by spreading it to others,” by Robert Murray McCheyne. I have seen many examples of positive connections taking place among staff, students and families over the past week – PTAs holding food drives, schools organizing virtual spirit weeks, students participating in online theater and choral performances, and more.

Please continue to find positive activities to notice or participate in this week. Take a break, celebrate and create new opportunities during Spring Break. And, thank you very much for everything you continue to do during this time.

Cintia Z. Johnson
Interim Superintendent