APS News Release

APS Announces New Extended Day Registration Process

Register Anytime Between April 1-May 15 for the Summer 2019 and/or 2019-20 School Year Program                                                                                       (En Español)

APS Extended Day Registration is no longer a first-come, first-served process
APS has adjusted the registration process for the Extended Day Program to make it easier for families to register. Families may apply anytime between Monday, April 1, and Wednesday, May 15 to enroll their child in the Extended Day Program for the 2019 Summer Program and/or the 2019-20 School Year.

How It Works

  • Under the new plan, all Extended Day Program registrations received during the new registration period, April 1 – May 15, will be considered equally.
  • At schools that have enough slots for all registrations received, all children registered by May 15 will be enrolled.
  • At schools that receive more registrations than slots available, all children registered by May 15 will be entered in a random, double-blind lottery.
    • Children who are not enrolled will be placed on the waitlist in the order of their lottery numbers and informed of admission as spaces become available.
    • Please Note: The following nine elementary schools have reached capacity in recent years, resulting in waitlists: Abingdon, Arlington Science Focus, Ashlawn, Claremont, Glebe, Henry, Key, McKinley and Tuckahoe
  • Families applying for admission to an elementary option school for the 2019-20 school year should wait to register after May 1, when notices of the lottery results are sent. Then they can register for Extended Day for the location to which they know their student will attend.
  • There are no capacity issues for the 2019 Summer Program. All families who register for summer school extended day will be enrolled.

Enrollment and capacity information for each school will be posted periodically on the Extended Day website. As in previous years, all families, including those currently enrolled in Extended Day in the current 2018-19 school year, will need to re-register to enroll.

Why change the registration process?

  • Expanded Timeframe: This new process provides an expanded timeframe for registration based on input we received from families on the previous process. The expanded timeframe addresses feedback regarding the first-come, first-served approach and allows everyone to register within a six-week window.
  • Improved Access: The Extended Day open registration period, from April 1 – May 15, improves access to the enrollment process. All families will have the same opportunity to register, regardless of the time registration opens, access to computers, work schedules and other extenuating factors.
  • Responds to Enrollment Increase: Extended Day enrollment has increased significantly over the past 10 years—from about 2,600 to over 4,300—resulting in waitlists for eight of our 29 programs in recent years. The new process will help manage the increased demand for Extended Day and provide more convenient and equitable access.

 For more information, please visit the APS website or contact the Extended Day Central Office at 703-228-6069 or by email at extended.day@apsva.us.