APS News Release

APS Dashboard Provides Community Easy Access to School System Data Dashboard Presents Data on Strategic Plan Indicators

APS Dashboard Provides Community Easy Access to School System Data Dashboard Presents Data on StrategicPlan Indicators As part of the Arlington Public Schools (APS) Strategic Plan, a web-based tool has been created to give community members the ability to sort through and compare school system data. The APS Dashboard makes data about APS student performance and business operations more transparent and accessible for parents, students and the community at large. The Dashboard provides clear and graphic representations of data on key performance indicators under the 2011-17 Strategic Plan. These indicators reflect various aspects of performance in schools and the district as a whole that are of interest to the community. “The Dashboard provides a clear and transparent way to see various indicators at the division and school levels and then to compare them to state and federal benchmarks,” said Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy. “In today’s educational climate, it is critical to communicate to parents and the community our academic performance in providing the high quality education for all students that is central to the APS Strategic Plan.” For example, users can sort through and compare student data on assessments (SOL, AP/IB, ACT and SAT) and on-time graduation rates. Data can be broken down by school, student race/ethnicity, and receipt of special services such as English language learners or students with disabilities. In addition to student performance data, users can also view other types of data, including partnerships, teacher qualifications, and staff diversity, and data pertaining to facilities, finance and technology. APS data are compared to state and federal benchmarks where applicable, as well as local strategic plan targets. Currently, data are available for school years 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11and will be updated as they are received and verified by the APS Department of Information Services. APS Dashboard can be accessed through the APS webpage at dashboard.apsva.us.