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APS Honors Employees for Their Service

Institutional memory. Continuity and stability. Leaders and mentors. These are just a few of the ways that this group of 149 employees are crucial to the success of the Arlington Public Schools. This year’s Service Awards honorees have served a combined total of 3,490 years at APS and were recognized by their colleagues and the School Board at the May 17 meeting.

These employees are crucial to our success because:

  • They provide continuity and stability for school operations and instructional programs;
  • They provide an institutional memory of best practices;
  • They are leaders who are mentors and role-models for new and less experienced staff; and
  • They have helped improve our schools so students receive an excellent education that meets their individual needs.

APS employees were recognized for career milestones of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service to the school division. Each group was called up as historical facts and cultural highlights were shared about their first year at APS, including the average salary, cost of a new home, news headlines, and popular songs and movies. It was a night filled with celebration, laughter, and smiles as each person was honored for their dedication to APS. Congratulations to all!

35, 40, 45 Years of Service35, 40 and 45 Years

35 Years – Laura Dye, Yorktown; Marion Hawthorne, ASFS; Renee Sidberry, Jefferson; Karen Spees, Jamestown

40 and 45 Years of Service – Hoffman-Boston‘s Donald Marshall and Yorktown‘s Bruce Hanson were recognized for 40 and 45 years of service to Arlington Public Schools. Marshal began working for APS during the 1977-78 school year and Hanson began at APS during the 1972-73.


20 Years of Service

20 Years
Sara Adams, Information Systems; Brigido Aguilar, Maintenance; Cynthia Barrera, Carlin Springs; Jureen Benjamin, Kenmore; Sharon Bizar, Swanson; Doris Bonner, Transportation; Rebecca Bonzano, Yorktown; Sharon Brahaney, Washington Lee; Priscilla Brown, Food Services; Steven Burrow, Kenmore; Lee Califf, Tuckahoe; Constance Campana, Yorktown; Nury Castillo-Zelaya, Barcroft; Beata Chambers, Abingdon; Glorismel Chavez, Transportation; Sara Chikes, Yorktown; Linda Denney, Stratford Program; Annemarie Deuel, Taylor; Wendy Duncan, Discovery; Karan Edwards, Integration Station; Anna Gan, Yorktown; Rolando Garcia, Engineering & Technical Services; Donna Gavin; Jefferson; Deborah Germosen-Hill; Washington-Lee; Christopher Gillespie, Wakefield; Angela Gray, Glebe; Tiyette Hackley, Transportation; Jennifer Hall, ASFS; Renee Harber, Swanson; William Harber, Kenmore; Lucia Hernandez, Stratford; Judyt Herrera, Kenmore; Javonnia Hill, Wakefield; Paul Jamelske, Special Education; Dionela Johnson, Library Services; Kathleen Kane; Title I; Gregory Keish; Wakefield; Farhan Khan, Transportation; James Kolody, Gunston; Philip Krauth, Washington-Lee; Dat Le, Science; Scott Lockhart, Career Center; Victoria Lyons, Special Education; Amy Markowitz, Wakefield; Bertha Marquina, Glebe; Stella Martinez; LSRC; Lois McPherson, Kenmore; Kenneth Mifflin, Special Education; Elma Molina-Riggle, Gunston; Rosemary Molle, Yorktown; Laverne Moore, Transportation; Ellen Moreno, Henry; Jose Moreno, Yorktown; Sara Mulrooney, Barcroft; Jacqueline Nampha, Washington-Lee; Maureen Naughton, Wakefield; Julie O’Dea, Nottingham; Michael Palermo, Wakefield; Deborah Polhemus, Wakefield; Jennifer Powell, Science; Ledenza Puerto, Claremont; Constance Quinzio, Barrett; Ella Rawlings, Transportation; Cecilia Rivera, Key; Joel Rockwood, Washington-Lee; Saundra Rogers, Key; Sandra Short, Arlington Community High School; Krystal Spraggins, Barcroft; Karen Taylor, Gunston; Lina Veizaga, Abingdon; Sherilyn Wall, Williamsburg; Belinda Watson, Extended Day; Laurell Wiersma, Wakefield; Catherine Wilkes, Swanson; Jackie Williams, Swanson; Dalis Williams, Career Center; Horace Willis, Washington-Lee; Gladys Wilson; Randolph, Larnet Winegan, Kenmore

25 Years of Service25 Years
Michelle Atchison, Campbell; Shari Benites, Yorktown; Elizabeth Burgos, Washington-Lee; Kimberly Byrd, McKinley; Daniel Carroll, Yorktown; Charles Ray Clements, Swanson; John Cleveland; Carlin Springs; Angelique Close, Kenmore; Corina Coronel, LSRC; Sonjia Davis; Abingdon; Robert Dobson, Washington-Lee; Dwayne Fernandez, Thomas Jefferson Community Center; June Gardner, Tuckahoe; Bryan Graitge, Information Systems; Martin Heath, Jefferson; Pedro Hernandez; Maintenance; Martha Hernandez-Cruz, Wakefield; Joyce Ann Jordan, Randolph; Judith Kendall, Jamestown; Mary-Hannah Klontz, Swanson; Jim Long, Print Shop; Robert Maghan, Kenmore; Luis Matos, Langston; Dawn McCoart, Washington-Lee; Maryellen Meden, Nottingham; Waldina Medina, Maintenance; Karen Miller, Special Education; Meryluz Molina, Long Branch; Mary Newlin, Stratford Program; Tuyet-Mai Nguyen; McKinley; Daysi Palomeque, H-B Woodlawn; Hildi Pardo, Information Services; Ana Pires, Carlin Springs; Liset Reaves, Aquatic Centers; Rosa Rivero, Swanson; Shelley Roberts, Long Branch; Willow Scott, Wakefield; Teresa Smiroldo, ASFS; Christina Smith Gajadhar, Yorktown; Michael Suddueth, Maintenance; Maria Thames, Gunston; Donna Townsend, Special Education; Vanessa Vasquez-Guzman, ASFS; Laurie Vena, Yorktown; Linda Wieboldt, Taylor; Jeffrey Wilson, Kenmore; Dina Zeese, Barcroft

30 Years of Service30 Years
Dora Sue Black, Drew; Stacy Brasfield, Washington-Lee; Christine L. Burke; Tuckahoe; Jennifer Chacon, Long Branch; Joseph DeFranco, Wakefield; Therese Gnansounou, Glebe; Michelle Jenkins, Long Branch; Christine Katcher, Student Services; Boramy Nginn, Wakefield; Lola Palacios, Abingdon; Karen Ready, Nottingham; Lelia Roane, Barcroft; Valerie Smolinski, Staff Development; Karen Sue Snyder, Wakefield; Kerry Sterns, Information Services, William White, Maintenance; Christine Williams, Glebe