Celebrating our Bus Drivers & Attendants!

Employee Appreciation Month Celebrating APS Heroes

May is Employee Appreciation Month here at APS! Our staff are all heroes, from teachers to custodians to food service to bus drivers to Extended Day, assistants, principals, administrative staff, social workers — everyone has worked together tirelessly and with unflagging excellence during this pandemic year, all for the support and success of our APS students.

This week we’re celebrating our D-scale staff which includes bus drivers, bus attendants, cluster lead and swing drivers, dispatchers, and foodservice drivers. We’re incredibly grateful to have the support of our immense D-scale force. Thank you for being there for our students and families this year!

#ThankYouAPSHeroes #APSEmployeeAppreciationMonth

In May, we will celebrate all our employee groups:

  • May 3-7: Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 5-6: Teaching Assistants
  • May 7/10: Food Service Staff
  • May 11-12: Extended Day Staff
  • May 13-14: Bus Drivers & Attendants
  • May 17-18: E-Scale Staff – ITCs, Coordinators, Project Managers, Analysts, etc.
  • May 19-20: Custodial and Maintenance Staff
  • May 21/24: Administrative Assistants
  • May 25-26: Administrators and Supervisors