APS News Release

APS to Provide Extra Meals Memorial Day Weekend


Summer MealsAdditional Meal Distribution on June 21 and 28
Summer Meals Distribution to Begin July 7

APS will provide extra meals on Fri, May 28 for the Memorial Day weekend at all pickup locations. In addition, APS will have two special weekly distributions on Mon, June 21 and Mon, June 28 at all current meal locations.

Summer Food Service Program
APS will continue to serve free meals to all students this summer. Breakfast and lunch will be available at all summer school locations for students attending in person summer school. The following meal pick up locations will be open for food distribution from 11 a.m.-Noon on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays beginning July 7.

  • Abingdon (3035 S. Abingdon St.)
  • Arlington Career Center (816 S. Walter Reed Dr.)
  • Ashlawn (5950 8th N.)
  • Barcroft (625 S. Wakefield St.)
  • Barrett (4401 N. Henderson Rd.)
  • Campbell (737 S. Carlin Springs Rd.)
  • Claremont (4700 S. Chesterfield Rd.)
  • Drew (3500 S. 23rd)
  • Glebe (1770 N. Glebe Rd.)
  • Gunston (2700 S. Lang St.)
  • Hoffman-Boston (1415 S. Queen St.)
  • Kenmore (200 S. Carlin Springs Rd.)
  • Randolph (1306 S. Quincy St.)
  • The Heights (1601 Wilson Blvd.)
  • Yorktown (5200 Yorktown Blvd.)