APS Snapshots

Snapshots Features Summer Reading Activities

In this episode, Snapshots highlights ATS, Barcroft and Campbell elementary schools and their summer reading initiatives which encourage summer reading by opening their libraries to students over the summer. They also provide reading advice for students, parents and teachers. “APS Snapshots” is a three-to-five minute cable program highlighting student, teacher or school achievements, or featuring […]

Early Literacy Partnership between GMU and APS Featured on Snapshots

In this week’s episode, Snapshots features an early literacy initiative that is the culmination of a partnership between APS and George Mason University. The recently-completed program provided professional learning to primary grade teachers. Over 300 administrators and teachers participated in four full professional learning days across the year focused on early literacy development with an […]

Snapshots Showcases Arlington Tech Night

In this episode, Snapshots visits the Career Center for Arlington Tech Night. This was the first formal gathering of incoming students and parents to the new school. Students were introduced to classmates and teachers and learned about the many opportunities for hands-on experience with various project-based learning curriculum. The Arlington Tech program is centered on […]

Snapshots Showcases Williamsburg Anti-Bullying PSAs

In this episode, Snapshots talks with Williamsburg Middle School Journalism teacher Jeff Schonfeld about a series of PSAs they produced. Journalism students have been hearing in the news all year about controversial issues and societal problems including: violence, intolerance, and injustice just to name a few. They’ve learned that these issues have real-world implications for […]

Snapshots Visits Wakefield’s Formals for $5

In this episode, Snapshots talks to students and staff who run Wakefield High School’s Formals for $5 pop-up shop. Through community donations, students are able to purchase men’s and woman’s formal wear for $5. “APS Snapshots” is a three-to-five minute cable program highlighting student, teacher or school achievements, or featuring important, up-to-date information on a […]

Taylor Students Learn the Ukulele

In this episode, Snapshots talks to Taylor Elementary School Principal Harold Pellegreen and music teacher Eleyna Vernon about the schools initiative to teach students the Ukulele. The pilot program for fifth graders teaches students an instrument that is approachable for all children at this age. Learning the ukulele challenges students to understand the concepts of […]

Snapshots Showcase Jamestown Math Academies for Parents

In this episode, Snapshots talks with Jamestown Elementary School staff as they host a series of math academies for parents. The sessions provide parents with insight on the different methods of how math is taught at the each grade level. “APS Snapshots” is a three-to-five minute cable program highlighting student, teacher or school achievements, or […]

Snapshots Highlights Arlington Traditional School’s Summer Reading Challenge

In this week’s episode, Snapshots visits the National Zoo with Arlington Traditional School during their Reading Carnival Day. The Reading Carnival is the culminating activity for students who participated in the summer reading challenge by reading 50 books. Students spent time reading and learning about animals and their habitats and then seeing some of the […]

Snapshots Highlights Out of School Time Conference

The Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families hosted the Out of School Time Assets Conference at Kenmore Middle School. The conference helped parents, youth, and out-of-school-time staff engage in community conversations to help the adults be stronger, more supportive role models and the youth to be more powerful leaders at home, in school, and […]

Snapshots Showcases Food Services Open House

In this week’s episode of Snapshots, Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy talks with Food Services Director Amy Maclosky at their open house earlier this month. The open house was a chance for families to sample menu items, learn about the new Food Service website and meet local Farm to School partners to learn about their farms. […]