APS News Release

COVID-19 Instructional Update – March 23

Dear APS Families:

As APS and our students head into week two of learning from home, we wanted to provide a few updates regarding teacher-family communications, Spring Break and the assignment of new work. We appreciate the collaborative work that continues to take place between students, parents and teachers during the APS closure and are committed to providing the educational support families need.

Teacher-Family Communication
Teachers are teleworking during the day. This time is used to prepare instructional activities for their students. This means that teachers may not respond to families during typical school hours. Teachers have been asked to communicate to families the specific windows of time when they are available to respond to questions or to contact parents. Additionally, families should not expect direct instruction via virtual meetings. Teachers are not expected to deliver small group interventions in person while schools are closed.  We encourage teachers to follow the social distancing directions given by Arlington County. 

Spring Break, April 6-10
Teachers will telework to provide distance learning for students until Fri, April 3. Teachers are not expected to work during Spring Break, which is scheduled for April 6-10. Teachers have also been asked not to assign any work to students during the week of Spring Break, with the exception of independent reading.

Introduction of New Content
Elementary teachers will not introduce new content within the time frame that schools are currently set to be closed. Secondary teachers may begin introducing new content the week of March 23. We recognize that all students do not have the same ability to regularly access and attend to learning new skills or content while at home. Secondary teachers who are introducing new content are mindful of the opportunity gap that this is likely to create and will plan strategies to address it.

While virtual learning can never replace classroom instruction, teachers are providing instructional activities meant to help students maintain their skills and knowledge and prepare for what’s coming next. We understand this comes with both challenges and perks as adults and students work to establish new routines.

Additional Contacts and Resources
The following are additional contacts and resources you may find useful:

APS continues to assess COVID-19 developments and will communicate any new information regarding school operations as necessary. Thank you again for your understanding and patience as we navigate this new reality together.


Bridget Loft
Assistant Superintendent
Department of Teaching & Learning