Did You Know (11/10/16)

Did You Know?

That Extra Days should be entered in the time frame/week the Extra Day was used?


The problem with allowing eligible employees to ‘bank’ Extra Days is that it violates FLSA, in the reporting of hours worked in the same period worked. Extra Days are paid out like regular time and should be treated as such. Employees eligible that receive Extra Days should not be allowed to accumulate, or ‘bank’ any Extra Days at any time. Eligible employees should use E-Days in the same period they worked to ensure accurate timekeeping and prevent overpayment. It causes confusion as the Extra Days for the Payroll team, as the Extra Day(s)may have already been paid in a prior pay period, and thus reporting the same hours will indeed cause an overpayment to the employee if it’s not caught in time. Catching this starts with you.

How to correct  

Unless you know the info below beforehand, you should ensure you do not overpay the employee when you know they are requesting to use Extra Days, verify the following with your payroll rep:

  • if the employee has been allocated Extra Days (your Payroll rep can provide a report upon request)
  • the Extra Days previously taken
  • and available balance

To accurately report Extra Days to be paid, please use the pay element REG S Xtra Days Pay. Your Payroll rep can always assist you in the entry of this, but you are required to enter this info into STARS timekeeping module.

Because all funds are public funds, APS has the right to demand re-payment of funds overpaid, and when Payroll realizes this has happened, we act quickly to recover the funds. Please remember all payroll records are subject to be audited.

We hope this tip helps you are you go forward with your timekeeping responsibilities.

Have a great holiday weekend!