Did You Know (11/17/16)

Did You Know?

How you need to report/code Parental Leave on an employee’s timesheet?


Reporting Parental incorrectly, will lead to creating an issue with the employee not being able to use the benefit that he/she is eligible for. Also, it makes it difficult for HR to appropriately track the leave for compliance, and Payroll in efforts to research to what hours was classified as Parental Leave.

When an employee is absent from work due to Parental Leave, it is important to code the employee’s timecard accordingly.  APS implemented a Parental Leave benefit effective July 1, 2016. Requests for Parental Leave should be submitted to HR Benefits for review and eligibility.  

How to Correct

HR Benefits(Michelle Brauch) will notify all affected timekeepers of employees who were approved for Parental Leave. If you were notified about any employees in your area, please let Payroll know immediately, so we can make an adjustment for any Parental Leave taken in prior closed periods on affected employees.

If you are notified of employee(s) in your area taking Parental Leave in open pay period from HR Benefits, as an example below when recording the start date of the leave, please date track to the correct period when adding in the code for Salary and Hourly employees for the timesheet:

  • Use the current period for salary employees (e.g. November 16-November 31)
  • Use the prior period for hourly employees (e.g. November 1-November 15)

 Please also take note of the below for coding instructions: 

  1. After an employee is approved for Parental Leave, Michelle Brauch will notify the timekeeper at the employee’s location of the start date of Parental Leave.  (Michelle Brauch is a Benefits Specialist in the Human Resources Department.)
  2. Michelle Brauch will only provide to the timekeeper the start date of Parental Leave.  You should code the employee’s time card as “Parental Pay” the first 10 work days the employee is absent from work using the new payroll elements below.  An employee is only eligible for 10 work days of Parental Leave.
  3. Two new payroll elements have been created:
    1. For Salary employees, use element labeled Reg S Parental Pay
    2. For Hourly employees, use element labeled Reg H Parental Pay                 U

Using the date Michelle Brauch has provided, update the employee’s time card on the applicable time reporting period.

  1. If the employee is absent from work beyond 10 work days, code the employee’s timecard accordingly with either Annual, Personal, or Sick Leave as based on what the employee has available to use.  If the employee has no leave available, then code as LWOP.
  2. For more information about the Parental Leave benefit, please go to www.apsva.us/benefits/parental-leave.