Did You Know (11/8/16)

Hello Timekeeper!

The payroll team wanted to reach out to you as we want to ensure you have the ongoing support from us as you do your timekeeping. Each payroll, the payroll team are noticing timekeeping issues, and due to deadlines, we are not always able to notify you on the things we see.

So, we will be sending a weekly ‘Did You Know’ email that will give you tips and tricks that will supply you information on how to resolve system errors, policy clarification as you choose the correct elements and when, how to resolve leave issues, or other general timekeeping issues you encounter as you process time for your respective areas.

The payroll team is always available to help you, and we still want you to reach out to us, if you get stuck on something and need our immediate assistance, but we thought this will also be a great way you can have the answer right at your fingertips. The emails will cover a variety of subjects, and will most often touch on issues we continually see.

We realize this is new, and we just simply ask that you read the weekly emails and try to put it to practice. We also welcome suggestions on timekeeping topics you would like a tip or trick on as well for future emails.

We will begin sending the first Did You Know email on Thursday, November 10, and every week by or on Fridays.

We hope you will find this helpful as we move forward!

Thanks for all you do!