Did You Know (2/1/17)

Did you know that W-2s for 2016 were mailed on January 25, 2017? 

Human Resources and Payroll are currently receiving a lot of calls and emails regarding W-2s for 2016. Please know that the W-2s were made available to view online(STARS) on January 21, 2017, and were physically mailed out on January 25, 2017.

In order to complete processing for 2016 W-2s, Payroll needed establish a cutoff date, and that was January 17, 2017. Unless the employee (active, retiree, or former) had mail forwarding through US Postal Service, all W-2s were mailed to the address currently on their record.

What do the boxes mean?

To understand about what the totals mean for each of the boxes populated on your W-2 please click here for a comprehensive view, or see the below:

  • BOX 14 CODE PREM – Vision (New), Health and Dental Premiums
  • BOX 12 CODE 12C – Imputed Income (Tax premium on any life insurance paid over $50k – IRS regulation)
  • BOX 14 CODE RET – Retirement Plan (ACERS, VRS EE and VRS Buy Back)
  • BOX 12 CODE 12E – TSA (403B Tax Shelter Plan)
  • BOX 12 CODE 12G – 457 plan
  • BOX 14 CODE FMS – Flex Medical Spending
  • BOX 14 BOX CTB – Car Taxable Benefit
  • BOX 10 – Flex Dependent
  • BOX 14 CODE LTC – Long Term Care Premiums Paid 

W-2 Reprint Requests for 2016 and Prior Years

Please know that Payroll will fulfill W-2 reprint requests on or after February 15, 2017. Please send this link as it contains our Reprint Request Form:


What if my W-2 is incorrect?

Please advise your employee to contact Payroll directly to discuss this. Payroll will determine if a W-2C(Corrected W-2) is necessary and will provide a W-2C as applicable.

If you or your staff have further questions about W-2s, always feel free to contact your Payroll rep and/or refer to the url below from the Payroll webpage regarding W-2s:


Thanks for all you do!