#digitalAPS Showcases Apple Camp


In this episode, #digitalAPS: Exploring Instructional Frontiers showcases the APS Apple camp for seventh graders. Apple Camp was created to provide seventh graders with an opportunity to use their APS iPads to create movies over the summer months.

During the camp, the students worked with the Apple Creative Team to learn all aspects of movie making. They then spent the rest of the summer working on their own to complete and submit a finished short film. This is the first time that Apple stores have partnered with a school system to provide this opportunity for students. A film festival was the culmination of the project.

aetv_apple_color.pngYou can see “#DigitalAPS” on Comcast Cable Channel 70 and Verizon FiOS Channel 41.  “#DigitalAPS” can also be viewed on YouTube at AETVaps.

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