Green Scene Visits Claremont Magnolia Bog

Green Scene Green Scene Visits Claremont Magnolia Bog In the first episode of the 2014-15 school year, Green Scene showcases the construction work that has been done over the summer to improve infiltration systems and preserve the Claremont Magnolia Bog. The Magnolia Bog, located in Barcroft Park at the foot of the wooded slope behind the school, is a globally rare natural asset that developed as a result of a unique combination of natural water infiltration and nutrients that created ideal soil conditions for the bog to occur.

Due to significant erosion from stormwater runoff, unwanted sediment and debris was settling in the bog area and affecting adjacent streams that flow out to the Chesapeake Bay. APS and Arlington County have repaired hillside erosion and made improvements to the stormwater retention system over the summer.

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