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Inclement Weather Reminder

Snow Whenever snow and icy conditions are in the forecast, APS begins making preparations to ensure that schools can remain open whenever possible.

APS crews communicate closely with County staff to make sure accumulating snow is cleared and icy conditions are treated on bus routes. If a storm occurs during the overnight hours, APS crews monitor road conditions thoroughly and provide updates to the Superintendent. Throughout the winter season, we encourage staff to be prepared for the possibility of school delays or closings by establishing plans for alternate work arrangements and/or child care if schools delay opening, close early, or are closed for the whole day. If a decision is made overnight to open late or to close for the whole day, staff will be notified through a voicemail message at work, typically by about 5 a.m. You can also get the latest information through the many other communication channels that APS uses:

  • Visit the website at www.apsva.us.
  • Check your email for an update from APS School Talk.
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Tune in for news updates on major English or Spanish television & radio stations.
  • For those who live in Arlington, watch for an announcement on AETV on Verizon Channel 41 or Comcast Channel 70.
  • Call the APS Hotline at 703-228-4277 to hear a recorded message.
  • Download the free APS app to receive a notification on your mobile device.

Ten month employees are NOT expected to work when schools are designated as closed.

Twelve-month employees, however, ARE expected to report for their regular work schedule, unless unscheduled leave is available or an announcement is made that offices are closed. In extreme conditions when schools and offices are closed, essential employees may be asked to report. If you are unsure, check with your supervisor to find out if your position is considered “essential” during inclement weather conditions.

For more information on snow-related closings, delays, and emergency updates, visit www.apsva.us/emergency.