Is my children’s school information in the ParentVUE portal secure?

Access to your students’ information is secured by a username and password. Parents can view information about their children only. They cannot access the records of other students.

The ParentVUE portal has a number of features designed to make the system safe and secure for maintaining student grade information. First, the URL for the parent portal begins with https://, rather than the standard http://. This indicates that the information contained on that page is secure and encrypted. This is similar to what you would see in the URL for online banking or any e-commerce site. Second, the ParentVUE portal provides read-only access. Using the parent portal would not allow anyone to change information, only to view the information on the page. Even a request to change phone numbers or email addresses is simply a request – until it is approved by school staff no changes are made in the database.


The primary method for keeping the ParentVUE portal secure, however, is to keep the password issued to you confidential, and to always logout of the system.