APS Kudos


AFJROTCUnit VA-821 at the Career Center has been selected as one of 118 units from to receive the 2017-2018 Air Force JROTC Distinguished Unit with Merit Award. This award recognizes Air Force JROTC units that have performed well above and beyond normal expectations, and that have distinguished themselves through outstanding service to their school and community while meeting the Air Force JROTC citizen development mission for America. Air Force JROTC is located in close to 900 high schools across the United States and at selected schools in Europe, in the Pacific, and in Puerto Rico. Air Force JROTC enrollment includes more than 120,000 cadets who do over 1.6 million hours of community service each year. The objectives of the Air Force JROTC program are to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship and life skills; promote community service; instill responsibility, character, and self-discipline through character education, and to provide instruction in air and space fundamentals. Enrollment is open to high school students who are in grades 9-12.

Ty ByrdOn May 2, Wakefield parents, students and administrators, joined interlude therapist Marcia Carter in honoring Director of Secondary Education Ty Byrd for his commitment to going above and beyond. In addition to his participation on Wakefield’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Committee, Byrd has been an engaged and dedicated resource to the students who participate in Carter’s Student Engagement focused group the “A Team.” The group focuses on improving the academic achievement of low performing students who are also enrolled in special education. Parents are appreciative because they recognized that many young men of color are in desperate need of positive male role model figures. To this end, Byrd has gone above and beyond by guiding and engaging in conversations about college, grades and sports—conversations that are sorely needed and appreciated.

TaylorThe Regional Science Olympiad for Elementary Schools was held on Sat, April 28 with more than 500 kids from across Northern Virginia attending. After weeks of preparation, Taylor participated in the building/engineering challenges. More that 20 students in grades 3-5 participated. Students placed as follows:

Towers 1st
Engineering Enigma 3rd
Egg Drop 8th
Astronomy 2nd, 3rd & 4th
Chopper Challenge 7th & 8th
Optics 5th & 8th
Orienteering 6th
Rocks & Minerals 2nd, 4th,  and 8th
Pentathlon 5th and 7th place

Zero EnergyA 2017 AIA Committee on the Environment “Top Ten” recipient, Discovery has received Zero Energy certification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Discovery is the first verified Zero Energy (ZE) building certified by the collaborative partnership of the ILFI and New Buildings Institute (NBI). These organizations oversee certification and data collection, respectively—creating a seamless system for tracking, registering, certifying, and evaluating ZE buildings. Designed by VMDO Architects, Discovery is one of only four schools nationally and the largest building of any type to receive ZE certification. Click here to read more.