More Information on Continuous Learning Plans

As we begin the second week of the APS Continuous Learning Plan, we want to thank our teachers, staff and students who are working hard, as well as you, the families who are supporting them and sharing your input with us. I want to provide you with additional information and resources about our continuous learning plans, as well as address some frequent questions from families.

I hope these resources are helpful as we move forward together to support students. Thank you for your support and engagement. Again, we encourage you to review the Additional Information on the Continuous Learning Plans, and contact your student’s teacher about specific instructional questions. Any additional general questions and comments can be sent to

Please know that our students are our top priority. All of us at APS are committed to working hard to ensure that our plan is responsive to the diverse needs of our students, and we are committed to reflecting on the feedback that we receive as we move forward.

Bridget Loft
Assistant Superintendent
Department of Teaching and Learning