APS News Release

New School Board Policy Numbering System

At the July 2 Organizational Meeting, the Arlington School Board confirmed implementation of a new policy numbering system for all Arlington School Board Policies and Policy Implementation Procedures (PIPs). The new numbering system was originally approved by the School Board at the February 1, 2018, School Board meeting and aligns with the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) Policy Manual. The new numbering system organizes all policies by category instead of by department. This change allows students, families and community members to easily access policies related to specific topics.

The BoardDocs platform allows users to easily search for policies by topics and keywords. Instructions on how to search BoardDocs for policies and PIPs are available to make the transition process to the new platform as seamless as possible. In addition, School Board meeting agendas and materials are also available on BoardDocs and are posted one week prior to School Board meetings and work sessions.

In an effort to allow users to easily determine a policy’s new number, reference sheets for all of the policies and PIPs have been developed that list all of the policies and PIPs alphabetically and by number.

Access the Arlington School Board’s Policies and PIPs by visiting the following link: https://www.boarddocs.com/vsba/arlington/Board.nsf/Public.

For additional information or questions about the new policy numbering system, please contact the School Board Office at 703-228-6015 or school.board@apsva.us.