New Syphax Education Center


New Syphax Education Center Opens in January

Final Details and Prep to Take Place in December

Construction crew are continuing to work on the Syphax Education Center which will open on Jan. 2.

Throughout December, staff at the Clarendon and Syphax Education Centers will be packing and prepping for the move to the new Syphax Education Center located at the Sequoia Building #2, 2110 Washington Blvd.
In order to facilitate the move of all of the materials to Sequoia on the Dec. 26 and 27, staff will have to be ready to move on Dec. 17. This will enable the movers to get file cabinets, furniture, boxes and other items relocated to schools or to the warehouse.
How will parking work for staf who work at the New Syphax Building?
Parking hang tags for Syphax staff will be distributed before Winter Break on Dec. 21. At Sequoia, staff can park at any open space not marked as visitor or other tenant-designated visitor parking.
How will  parking work for APS staff visiting from other locations?
APS will have approximately 60 spaces for visitors and APS fleet in addition to the spaces that areavailable for staff. Visitor parking spaces will be clearly marked. Additional half-price meter and street parking are also available for visitors to use if they are not able to find a space in the garage.
How do I access the building? Full time staff at the new Syphax Education Center will be issued a swipe card for getting into the working area and to access the garage and building after hours. Building hours are as follows:

  • Welcome Center – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Learning Suite – 8 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Print Shop and The Materials Center Closure
The Print Shop will close on Fri, Dec. 14. The Materials Production Center will close on Mon, Dec. 17. No large copy jobs will be accepted after Fri, Dec. 7. Contact Print Shop supervisor Jim Long at x6037 if there is an urgent print job that needs to be completed after Dec. 7.

Key Dates:

  • Dec. 14 – Print Shop will close; 
  • Dec. 17 – The Materials Center will close. All furniture except cubicle desks will be ready to move;
  • Dec. 21 – Packed and ready to move;
  • Dec. 26-27 – Moving Date
  • Jan. 2 – Welcome to the new building;
  • Jan. 22 – Syphax Education Center Open House – Details coming soon

The Sequoia Opening Work Group, which includes staff from the departments of Information Services, Finance, Facilities & Operations, and School and Community Relations are meeting weekly in December. If you have any questions or concerns that you think need to be addressed, contact Georganna Schell (x7222), Kris Martini (x7209), or Cate Coburn (x2878) and they will bring them to the committee.